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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fargo Singles: How do you meet someone special In Fargo Moorhead.

Fargo Singles: How do you meet someone special?

1. There is no wrong place to meet someone.
2. If you don't look for love, you are not likely to find it.
3. Your next lover is a stranger today.
4. Strangers are more likely to be boring than dangerous.

Actually, there are only three ways to meet your significant other:

* Meet by chance.
* Be introduced by someone else.
* Meet in the singles' scene.

1. Meeting by chance is meeting at work, in your everyday life, or where you like to play. You might run into your future love while shopping, running errands, or vacationing. You might meet at work or while participating in a favorite hobby. You are meeting by chance.

2. You might meet by being introduced by friends, relatives, co-workers, or mere acquaintances. Expanding your circle of friends will help. A new circle of friends means potential new people to date. Letting people know you would like to be introduced is also helpful. It gets their creative juices working.

3. Meeting in the singles' scene takes two tracks.

There is the commercial track composed of dating services, matchmaking services, other pay-to-join commercial groups, and personal ads, including those personals on the internet.

There is the volunteer or non-profit track. This consists of church groups and non-profit social groups.

The people who have the most choice and are the most likely to succeed at the meeting game are those who employ all three meeting methods.

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