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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fargo Moorhead Singles: Defining People for Singles

We all suffer to some degree from the inability to merge our goals with our behaviors. This is why we break our goals into targets.

Targets are actions or steps that are taken to meet our goals. They are small goals that can be reached in a week or two.

Getting married in the future is a goal, probably a long-term goal. Unless you already have someone to date and potentially marry, however, it seems your first step is to meet someone. That is your short-term goal.

Your first actual step, however, is to get in a position to meet someone by joining a singles group, an online service, a personal matchmaking service, a local non-profit group like Sierra Club, and trying speed dating.

Breaking it down into small tasks, such as the steps necessary to be in a position to meet someone to marry, is targeting.

Often we never get around to those little tasks because they never become targets or tiny goals.

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